azn4anime is a prominent member of the hidden streets forum. He has been a member of Hidden-Street since January 9, 2006. He is often considered awesome, and his common nickname is a4a. During his stay in the HS forum he has had a large feud with other HS members known as supalime (sometimes known as BlackRockSupa) and 'gtfo' Poisonous (also known as Nesu). This long standing feud between azn4anime and supalime has been rumored to be about supalime eating azn4anime's ramen while he was away on a bathroom break. supalime denies such allegations and claims that he was off somewhere being supalime. It is expected that PenguinzRock was also on the scene and may have disposed of the ramen, since it is known that PenguinzRock despises ramen. Of course this is just a rumor and may or may not have happened. As for the reason for a4a's feud with Nesu, he just generally dislikes him and wants him to GTFO!

[[1]] <--picture of azn4anime with the Ledgendary Ear Hat of Fortitude

Formal Greeting Edit

It is known for a while he made a greeting. Which is called.

"Welcome to Hidden-street. Where nubcakes + buttsecks lies around every corner"

"Have fun here slave, if not..."

"You die :D"

He claimed a copyright, but has uncopyrighted it, he doesn't use it anymore though. Now he tells all newcomers who venture onto HiddenStreet the problems of supalime and warn them of the evils. He offers each newcomer a spot in the army of maintaining HiddenStreet's peace and to stop supalime's reign of evil.