Sonic the Hedgehog was a member who is well known for being a "lol 13 year old boy." He is most known for causing a lot of drama by making threads about himself. He ragequit in November 2008, but came back in August 2009 where he was soon banned. He is also known as Hotario Caine (Banned), and Scientology (Banned).

He resides in Profil3 as Animalzap , where he rants about Hidden-Street members calling them "fags." He is considered the #1 Profil3r ever by Jakeeee. He is a member of THE OFFICIAL ALLIANCE OF LULZ PHAILZ. Also, some other people as well.

Jakeee, however, made a blog, bawwwwwwwwwwwing, and blaming sonic for shit.

He also has a massive grudge against the internet and he is very paranoid according to Animalzap's Blog [aforementioned link is now deleted] primarily because a whole bunch of people raided his wiki. 

Recently, former friends Jakeee and Mayakii have created a wikia about Animalzap, as can be found here.